Spring Sale!

osterglockenIn order to tide us over these trying times, and to prepare ourselves mentally for spring, I’m offering you a few bundles! You get 11 treatments for the price of 10! von 10.


Manicure 650.-

Pedicure with nail polish 850.-

Pedicure with Shellac 1000.-

Refill nature 950.-

Refill with colour 1050.-

Refill French 1150.-


Playboy  700.-

Armpits 350.-

Eyebrows 350.-


Upper lip 600.-

Chin 650.-

Armpits 1150.-

Of course, other vouchers for amounts of your choice are also still available. These bundles can be paid for in two installments. The first installment is due on purchase, the second one on your third appointment.


Simply send me an e-mail with the info about what you would like to buy. After payment is received, you receive the corresponding document in pdf-format.


The following methods of payment are available:

  • Paypal, for queennails@bluewin.ch
  • Payment to my Post account CH29 0900 0000 0857 8202 88

See you on the other side!